Adelphos Athletics – CrossFit

Warm Up

Hip Halo Warm up / Monster Walks


3 sets:

30-second Jump Rope

3 Dumbbell Strict Press (each side)

4 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean

5 Suitcase Deadlifts (each side)

5 Bird Dogs (each side)


3 sets

50 Double Unders

12 Dumbbell Deadlifts (50s/35s)

9 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (50s/35s)

6 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (50s/35s)

-Rest 2 min-

1 set

150 Double Unders

36 Dumbbell Deadlifts (50s/35s)

27 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean (50s/35s)

18 Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead (50s/35s)

Cool Down

1 min foam Roll Quads

1 min foot smash with Lacrosse ball (each side)

30-sec single leg down dog (each side – focus on calf stretch)