Axe Throwing! Aug. 26th from 630pm-830pm. If you are interested let me know quickly so we can save the time spot!

Adelphos Athletics – CrossFit

Quote of the Day (No Measure)

There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.

– Kenneth H. Blanchard

Warm Up (No Measure)

Workout Prep

4 Rounds

100m Run

200/175m Row

10 Push Ups

10 Wall Balls

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

200m Run

1500# Bench Press (Total)

30 Wallballs

*Break the bench into as many reps as needed and at whatever weight you want to be able to reach the 1500# total goal for the round

**This is more of a move through day then a push hard day.

Mobility (No Measure)

1 min foam Roll Quads

1 min foot smash with Lacrosse ball (each side)

30-sec single leg down dog (each side – focus on calf stretch)